Heir of Light

NEWS Heir of Light is a free-to-play dark fantasy RPG set in a world overtaken by chaos. Lead a team of heroes to save the world one boss battle at a time. Available for iOS and Android. Features: United:Â...

Ragachak’s Top 6 Worst RPG Party Members

ARTICLE by Jason Parker (Ragachak) “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, which teammate sucks most of all?” – Snow White, I think Not all party members are created equal in RPGs. Some are S-Tier, mu...

Heir of Light Trailer

NEWS Form a team of elite warriors and fight incredible enemies in an effort to save a world on the brink of collapse.


NEWS CHOP is a local multiplayer platforming fighting game stylized with gorey comic-book inspired visuals. The objective is simple to execute, but difficult to perfect: kill the enemy and escape to a port...

CHOP Trailer

NEWS Jump across gory arenas cutting down the competition and escaping to live-saving portals.

Hunt: Showdown: Evil Waits Unseen

NEWS Horrific, nightmarish monsters lurk in the swamps of Louisana in Hunt: Showdown. Are you tough enough to put them down and prove your worth as a bounty hunter?
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