Digimon Battle Interview – Finally! An Online Game For an Online-Themed Anime!


That's why I was excited to hear that somebody finally decided to make an online Digimon game. I know I shouldn't be star struck with my interviewee but I just couldn't keep my excitement bottled when I was assigned this task. So without further adieu here's my interview with the main developer of Digimon Battle. 

MLB Dugout Heroes Review: MMO Hits a Home Run


When one hears the term, "MMO" a variety of different concepts come to mind. Magic, spells, swords, armor, adventures, and dragons are all aspects that one might think of. MLB Dugout Heroes by GamesCampus, however, is sure to give you a different take on the subject, as it presents a different view to the online game setting. By presenting a realistic version of the game of baseball mixed with various MMORPG elements, this game is sure to leave you entertained for hours on end.

The MMO Bro Code Chapter 2: Roleplaying


What is an MMO Bro? Surely you know who your MMO Bros are. These are the cool people in your group of adventurers whom you call dude, Bro, or simply the ones who are there to help you out in your time of need. MMO Bros are all around us, and though not all MMO Bros know each other, they simply just know who's a Bro when they talk to one. Greetings my fellow Bro and welcome to Chapter 2 of our "Broscapades".

Erebus: Travia Reborn Interview: One Mean God At Your Service


Mixing action and RPG isn't anything new in the online gaming scene. There have been games that promised action-based mmorpg fun, which turn out to be  hit and miss in terms of delivering the promise. There seems however another contender in the action-mmorpg department, Erebus.

Kingdom Heroes on Kingdom War, Global PVP, City Conquests and More!


City conquest, guild warfare, player ships, siege engines, combat mounts, NPC troops – all these features, and more, come together on an epic scale during a “Kingdom War.” For those unfamiliar with Kingdom Heroes, a “Kingdom War” is a recurring, global, player-versus-player (PvP) event where guilds and factions battle for control of cities, villages, ports, strongholds, and territory. The results of a war can have potential ramifications for the entire game world – realigning boundaries, shifting control of resources, altering faction economies, and tipping the scale of power from one kingdom to another.

Alliance of Valiant Arms Review: EU vs NRF


Alliance of Valiant Arms or AVA is a great looking massively multiplayer first person shooter (MMOFPS). The game features many elements you will recognize if you have played any other FPS but it also offers many unique features that will make you want to give it a try. AVA will requires you and your team to use good amount of strategy. You cannot just run towards your enemy expecting to take the whole team down.

Pushing The Limits: Extending Lifespans


There comes a time in every MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Games) player's life when the idea of grinding and PVP becomes momentarily unbearable. Daily quests, interacting with guild mates, continuous raiding annoy the hell out of you due to their repetitive nature. When a player explores a game thoroughly, to a point where there's nothing left to do, you can't help but want to extend the game's lifespan by providing a series of gimmicks that will help it seem brand new--- or in a way, just different.  This is where idea of roleplay, and other player-based features kick in. By that I mean a roleplaying server does not really differ from the rest. The only difference between the RP ones and the regular servers is its player base.

City of Heroes Review: Welcome to Paragon City!


Paragon, for those of you who may or may not know, is the setting of City of Heroes. The neighboring Rogue Isles (Étoile Isles), which are far less scenic and twice as dangerous, is where you'll find yourself if ever you fancy a City of Villains.

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