Free To Play My Ass!!!


Free-To-Play refers to any game that provides players with a full gaming experience without the need to pay for subscription. The system has been exercised by various game developers to allow gamers to try their games without the fear of paying for something they may or may not like. Some games give players free trials while others give them the full game at no extra cost. It's a good way of attracting more players to the game, especially since having a free gaming experience is pretty hard to resist. There are thousands of FTP games online (mostly Korean MMOs), some of them being former Pay-To-Play games who wish to keep the game running after being dubbed outdated or passe. It's a good way to dominate the market if you ask me, even for games that carry old content.  

MixMaster Review: Gotta mix ’em all!


I'm sure you all watched Pokémon when you were younger, or maybe you still watch this amazing anime from time to time. Have you ever wanted to know what would happen if two different Pokémon would be able to breed? What would the baby of an Eevee and a Psyduck look like and what powers would it have?

Angels Online: Take a Spin through Candy Land


Candy Land, the fourth major patch for IGG's Angels Online, serves up delicious new content for the angels of Eden. There are new quests, epic instances, cool-looking items and a whole lot more. Venture through a world made of succulent fruits and mouth-watering candies as you try to defeat evil forces lurking in the shadows. Here's just a taste of the fun waiting for everyone in this scrumptious update.

Captains of DarkTide Open Beta Started


Today Silverlode Interactive announced that its Fantasy Pirate game Captains of DarkTide (CoDT) has entered its open beta testing phase. DarkTide is a 3D Browser-based MMORPG for Mac and PC. For the first time, players who sign will be granted instant access to this full featured strategy MMO.

Gnarled Forest Zone Preview in Lego Universe


The Gnarled Forest... it is dark, riddled with danger and the wildlife isn't the friendliest. There are Pirates at every turn and they're the good guys.  Yes ladies and gents, we're back in Lego Universe and taking a closer look at one of their later zones.

The Secret World: “It’ll be a sh!t game, don’t buy it.”


Conspiracies... myths... half truths, careful lies and dark places. All of these are in The Secret World. All myths are true, for a given value. All conspiracies are being played out by the major factions, so long as it suits them.

LOCO Goes Into Open Beta


Burda:ic (aka Alaplaya) announced the start of the Open Beta Test for its RTS Action MMO LOCO - Land of Chaos Online. The OBT will provide players around the world with the chance to experience some virtual mayhem as Burda:ic prepares for the game's official launch.

Zentia Announces Gate Crasher Event

NEWS (US) Inc. is announcing today that from Aug 5th through Aug 8th, Zentia's team dares those that were unable to get into the Closed Beta to break through their tight security system for an opportunity to test out the game.

Blade of Eternity Live Promotion!


Blade of Eternity is a brand new free-to-play text-based MMORPG that has just moved from open beta to final release. To celebrate the occasion, starting July 24th, Blade of Eternity is offering new players 5 days worth of increased life line regeneration. Train faster, gain items much more easily, attack and level more quickly – If you haven’t had a chance to try out this exciting new game, then now is your chance!

Blizzard Art Featured In Museum


Blizzard Entertainment will soon open an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei, Taiwan featuring 800 creative works from the Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo game series.

Cabal Online Interview: Secrets of the Radiant Hall


Cabal Online has been operating recently celebrated their 4th year anniversary and in conjunction to that they released their latest patch, Secrets of the Radiant Hall. We got the chance to talk to them regarding about this update.

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