Kingory Review: No Random Half Finished Browser Game


Kingory is the international version of the famous flash based MMO RXSG. The game is well known and is played by people all over the world, or so the it claims. The game revolves around ancient China, with structures that resemble ancestral Chinese buildings and characters that look like war emperors and empresses. In this game, players strive hard to build their war-worthy empire and try to best other players in battle. The game sports a strategic concept of game play (will be discussed later ), with a massive micro-managing system that is said to surpass a majority of browser games. It was said that Kingory sort of acts as the completed version of various games in terms of the traditional war based browser game system. Do other web games really lack so much compared to this game? Or is it just another claim that's yet to be proven?

RealID On Blizzard Forums, A Good Idea?


As we reported yesterday, Blizzard has announced that they will be introducing the use of real first and last names on their forums. That this has led to a huge outcry will not be a real surprise. Some of the events that took place since did shock us a bit.

Eternal Lands Interview: Yes it’s still in Beta-But it packs a punch


Now the game looks much better than it did before, and all players seem to enjoy it. Another benefit is that we added a few features that allow us to have better quests, and an improved tutorial. The interface has been changed a bit too and now some tasks are easier, and being able to have emotes is quite nice.

Audition (Season 2) Review – Get “served” online!


Everybody loves to dance. Or at least, everybody loves to try and dance. For those that want to bust some moves without busting their hips in the process, games such as "Audition" will allow them to do just that. Audition Season 2 is an online multiplayer casual rhythm game produced by T3 Entertainment. You'll play as either a male or female dancer against other players while grooving to some of today's popular dance beats on your way to becoming digitally famous.

Divine Souls Beta Coming July 14th


Outspark has let OnRPG know that the Closed Beta for Divine Souls will be ready for the public on July 14th, while they aim to have the beta client ready for download on July 12th.

Medievia Review: Humility is out of the Question


If you pay attention to game ads, you never see a game being promoted as second best. It's always, "come and join us we're number 1!" or "this is way better than this game". The problem however is that the game that brags the loudest tends to disappoint the most.

The Untamed Frontier: Net Neutrality


If you're reading this, you're obviously on the internet. Each and every person who has come to the site is an internet user and each of you were given the same priority to get here. This then is a quick chat with you about that and about Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality is one of those topics that really has all sorts of people wrapped up in it. Any of you who get involved can be sure that I won't be calling you liberal nuts or saying that you should go to North Korea. Honestly none of that helps.

Play Rappelz, win cool stuff!


Summer is here! To celebrate, Gpotato is giving away more than $10,000 worth of prizes to their loyal Rappelz players!

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