Angels Online: Angels Auction Begins

NEWS The Angels Online ( team is happy to announce that the Angels Auction is now available for all AO players.

In the past, many beginners with relatively low levels may be anxious because they are unable to defeat BOSSes and obtain superior equipment. However, the Angels Auction

Voyage Century Online: Sea Mermaid, the Storm Killer

NEWS IGG has some good news for VCO players. The Sea Mermaid will make its debut in the update of Voyage Century Online-Colony Age. From now on, players can brave any storm in their way because the Sea Mermaid is the storm killer.

Storm Killing + Auto Track=Safety

In the Colony Age instance, the

A Detailed Rover Building in Elf Online


Rover is the most popular career in Elf Online who is versatile and flexible. However, players always run into trouble in building a rover due to the versatile and flexible of rovers. Rovers heading towards Assassin and Rovers heading towards Hunter are totally different in

Angels Online: Comic Strips Contest

NEWS The Angels Online ( team is very happy to announce that the Comic Strips event will continue until August 17th.

Started one week ago, the first Angels Online Comic Strips Contest has been extremely popular with all AO players. The official has been totally overwhelmed by the

ROSE is now free to play!

NEWS Their official thread at


Rose Online has been a part of the Gravity family suite of game titles for several years now. We are going to update ROSE's subscription model to attract more users than ever before.

Zu Online: Exploring the Northern Icy Fairyland

NEWS IGG is guiding us to the Northern Icy Fairyland of the 3D MMORPG Zu Online.

In the northern part of Zu Mountain lies a splendid icy region, called¬ the Icy Fairyland. Rumor says the icy region is a huge iceberg floating in midair near the North Pole. In the snow and ice covered fairyland, the

Shadow of Legend 2.5D Version Announced

NEWS Irvine, CA - August 10, 2008- SmartCell is pleased to announce Shadow of Legend 2.5D version. Shadow of Legend(SOL) is a 2D free to play fantasy MMORPG that brings out most the best aspects of games of this style while adding to it exciting twists of its own. The 2.5D version scheduled to release

Press Release: Rappelz Epic V

NEWS "Rappelz Epic V: The Dragonic Age”, is a free-to-play MMORPG published through the gPotato portal.  The upcoming expansion of Rappelz will be available on the US servers on August 12th, 2008
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