Divide And Enjoy: is IP Blocking And Localizing Necessary?


One of the biggest problems interfering in the life of MMO gamers worldwide is the games ability to block players from certain countries. In a way, the implementation of IP or region locking can be a big help to MMO players everywhere (will be discussed later). One simple reason would be the lag, as servers are most likely to lose their stability once the population exceeds its saturation point. Another thing would be to support their franchisers. Surely there would be no point in establishing local servers if players can still play on international ones, yes?

TLBB Preview: Looks Good Plays Even Better


In the span of a year of writing reviews I've come across a lot of martial arts themed MMOs. However, each time I've tried a game there seems to be something lacking. I thought at first I'd have the same experience in ChangYou.com's martial arts themed MMO, Tian Long Ba Bu(TLBB), but I was wrong.

Football Superstars Review: For World Cup Fans


Football (soccer) is a very famous sport, and has spawned numerous games on all platforms from consoles to the PC. Whether it's FIFA, Pro Evolution, or other soccer games, much like basketball ports, virtual sports games have a certain linearity when it comes to game play. Maybe it's because the game has to follow a certain amount of rules that make them similar to one another, with only their graphic interfaces that provide the minor difference.

Battleswarm Field of Honor Interview for OnRPG


I'm Mark Hood and I'm COO and Co-founder of Reality Gap. I signed Battleswarm over a year ago now and ran the production team that localized the game, made enhancement for the English speaking market and set up the store and website.

MapleStoryÂ’s Explorer Classes Upgraded


Explorer classes in Nexon America’s MapleStory have recently received an upgrade in the latest update that has drastically improved their gaming experience. Magicians, Thieves, Bowmen, Warriors and Pirates have all been rebalanced and renewed in MapleStory’s latest update, Return of the Explorer.

Allods Removes Hated ‘Fear of Death’ Debuff!


One of the most controversial aspects of Allods, Fear of Death, is being eliminated! When a player dies in the upcoming patch, instead of receiving a debuff to all of their offensive stats, players will have a very small chance that a curse will be cast upon them.

Lords Online Introduces Achievement System


Version 1.5 of IGG’s Lords Online introduced many new features and additions to the game, including the Achievements System. It keeps track of your progress from the very beginning of your career, recording your achievements in a “Dark Era” calendar.

Sacred Seasons Season 2 Review: Changing Like the Seasons


Sacred Seasons is a flash-based game that puts you in the shoes of cycle heroes whose mission is to take back the white city from the evil that has overrun it. The game is a mix of story-driven gameplay and a very engaging class system that you can say is similar to the job class system of console games Final Fantasy Tactics and Jean d'Arc.

Funding MMORPGs – What Are The Options?


Developers are known to implement cash shops, power ups and other premium features to fund their free MMORPGs. After all, how can you expect games that give a huge chunk of their content away for free to survive? Today, subscription numbers are falling on many of the more popular pay-2-play MMORPGs. Is it time for even well-known publishers to begin including additional money making systems into games for a much needed cash injection?

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