Aika Online Preview: Looks Good Enough to Eat


When I first encountered Aika, I was still working for a game company here in this country. The game looked good and it probably was good, however, when I saw it, the game was still in Korean so it slipped off my radar.

Soul of the Ultimate Nation: Aiort Graveyard Update


The plan includes SUN’s update schedule for the first quarter 2010 adding ‘Aiort Graveyard’, the new playing field for higher level characters. The district is very dark and lifeless. It includes a neglected graveyard and a deserted castle which has been abandoned for hundreds of years since the lord of Aiort had fallen.

Craft of Gods annouces 3rd and last Beta Phase!


The Level cap will be set to 30 this time and new maps will be available. The novelties you’ll find in this new event cover a further improvement to both graphical and functional interface aspects, the ability for players to experience Housing, the introduction of bind points all over the Craft of Gods’ world, some changes related to the map in order to make it more easily usable, changes in duel system among players and correction of many bugs reported by players.

Tank Ace: “Moar” Tanks for Your Tanking Needs!


Tank Ace announced today four all-new historically accurate WWII tanks for its upcoming free-to-play online tank warfare game. Set on the realistic battlefields of WWII, Tank Ace takes players through action-packed battles allowing them to choose from multiple historically accurate WWII tanks.  Players can customize the tanks by adding additional armor, different styles of camouflage, body art, kill marks, and clan insignias

Grand Chase: New Character Unveiled


Ntreev USA, a leading online game developer and publisher, announced today an all new character in its online action-brawler MMO, Grand Chase.  This new character holds the job as Rune Caster and is available starting today.

Cash is King: The New Rulers of MMOs


Poor King Varian-although one formidable king has also been beaten by the power of cold, hard cash. This is one of the biggest problems in the MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) scene today. Games like World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online and Lord of the Rings Online are still trying to fight it, but most MMOs have come to accept that it is inevitable crime and will continue to be practiced regardless of legalities.

Tales of Fantasy: The Soul, Spirit and Strength of Armor


There is only so much that you can achieve with the one set of equipment that you equip and there are also times when it is really difficult to choose which of two equally awesome pieces of equipment to use as they both offer excellent qualities. But we have addressed these issues with the unique Fusion system. With it you can virtually fuse a variety of equipment into your soul, stacking permanent attributes onto your character!

Kunlun Online Closed Beta to Launch March 31st


SmartCell Technology announced launch of Closed Beta for its new MMORPG Kunlun Online. The CB starts March 31, 2010.
Kunlun Online is a 2.5D Free-to-Play Chinese fantasy-themed MMORPG based on mythological classic Shan Hai Jing.

Kung Foo! Preview: Closed Beta Phase 2


On 26th January 2010, Perfect World's latest MMORPG, Kung Foo!, went into Closed Beta Phase 2. Last week, February 16th they closed the Beta and announced the game will return later in the year, after further development. In this beta, players were given level 60 characters as well as cash shop points to spend. This was to enable players to preview some of the current endgame maps and try out the various cash shop items available. Essentially they let us have a better understanding of the game before it went public.

Blackshot closes the 1st Closed Beta Phase


Starting from the 10th of March till the 17th of March 2010, Blackshot performed the 1st phase of their closed beta tests. In this period they had more than 7000 unique tester online on their servers from various European and North American countries, giving their servers the first stress tests.

Dragon’s Call hot T-Shirt Designs


The first Dragon's Call Apparel Design Contest has wrapped up, and many passionate players were showing off excellent designs in the contest.

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