Game first in Portuguese, language of millions of Brazilian soccer players and fans

CHICAGO, IL – JUNE 9, 2008 – Interzone Entertainment, parent company of Interzone Games and a BigWorld licensee, has announced its long-secret massively multiplayer online sports title, Interzone Futebol. The PC MMOG will first release in Portuguese for the Brazilian market, home to millions of avid futebol (soccer in the U.S.) fans and players, closely followed by international versions for worldwide release.

Elf Online In game Event – Treasure Hunting

NEWS A series of new events will be released soon in the next update with changes as bugs fixed and new element added. Let’s get a quick view of what a brand new Elf Online (

Treasure Hunting Quest: To attend the event, players have to apply to join in at Mend Da

[Event] Baldur’s Hate 6/26-6/30

NEWS [Mm]Baldur returns from the grave for 5 days ONLY to exact his revenge against the MUtizens and [Mm]s who could not save him from his final fight with Kundun. His appearance has changed, but his power and skills have only

Nocturnal Sonata Expansion Coming Soon

NEWS The next expansion, called Nocturnal Sonata is set to release on June 25, 2008!

So far, the details released have been:

New UPCs: Vincent Rio (a bard) and Baek Ho (martial artist)

New weapons/armor

New maps/regions to keep updated

Bahamar Bayou Patch

NEWS The last patch for the Manifest Destiny expansion has been live.

New UPC: Gygax

New maps: 9 total

New items: costumes, wings, lacquers

Full details here:

Myth War II Closed Beta Test Launched

NEWS The Closed Beta Test for Myth War II Online ( has begun since 04:30 June 13(GMT-5)! IGG has released a new complete manual patch which is available on its official website.

For more information about client download and installation visit its official website

Shadow of Legend New Event: “Advent of Azrael”

NEWS Wednesday, June 12th marked the version update for Shadow of Legend. A couple of new instances and events were introduced, one of which is called, “Advent of Azrael.”

Azrael, one of the Seven Sons of Sin, is bent on destroying Agnes, leaving the lands desolate and barren. Union and

Zu Online Olympic Games II

NEWS IGG has announced the details of the Zu Online Olympic Games, which will be held in their newly released server—Ghost. Participants will have the opportunity to make their Olympic dreams come true, as well as the chance to win top equipment and genuine 2008 Beijing Olympic Tickets.

Sign up to

Elf Online In game Event – Happy Carnival

NEWS Elf Online In game Event – Happy Carnival

A series of new events will be released soon in the next update with changes as bugs fixed and new element added. Let’s get a quick view of what a brand new Elf Online ( has.

Happy Carnival: Happy Carnival is consisted of a

Angels Online Blog Event

NEWS Angels Online Team will be holding a Blog Event for the players to win rewards. Players just need to copy the messages to your private blog and invite friends to play Angels Online, then can get rich rewards.

Requirements: Copy the following messages to your private blog, such as on your MySpace



Game Launch to Slaughter MMO Preconceptions

MARINA DEL REY, Calif. – June 6, 2008 – Requiem: Bloodymare will bring a new era of mature horror to the MMO space with its commercial launch. Players that pre-order subscriptions will be able to begin playing on June 16, three days before gamers using the free-to-play option.
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