2Build Your Best Team

NEWS Your existence is for the team. This sentence speaks louder than any others in Elf Online (http://elf.happymmo.com) . However, what is the best team? What a best some have?

As some Elf Online (http://elf.happymmo.com) veterans players come to a conclusion, the best pk team includes 1 hypnotist,

Myth War Online In-game Olympic Torch Relay

NEWS Event Background: Nothing is fiercer than the competition of the Olympics. Each match is a test of mental and physical strength and endurance. More than that, the spirit of teamwork is more important. Of course, the spirit of teamwork is an important aspect of Myth War (http://mw.igg.com/) too.

Zu Online: Guild PK Tournament Trailer

NEWS The long-awaited Guild PK Tournament held by Zu Online (http://zu.igg.com/index.php) has finally started.

The Zu Online team believes that this trailer will offer their players an invaluable insight into teamwork skills, battle tactics and give them the opportunity to view the best equipment as

Angels Online Review

REVIEW Angels Online is one of the newer titles released by IGG. Just like all of their other titles, it is free to play with an item mall. The premise behind this title is that you are playing an Angel that is trying to prevent heaven from being destroyed. Yup, apparently Lucifer loved an Angel, was cast off, and now seeks revenge. To prevent this from happening you must choose a class and take up arms against him.

World of Kung Fu Interview


The World of Kung Fu is set in a fantasy world based on ancient Chinese myths and legends, where players can join their own schools and countries to help create a “Wulin”, or traditional Chinese Kung Fu society. The graphic environments were inspired by some famous Chinese landscape paintings, and I think that’s reflected in a lot of the game’s locations.

Age of Armor New Version, New Challenge

NEWS Age of Armor New Version, New Challenge

Age of Armor Comes to its Brand New Version after the Second Chapter, New Events New Items now waiting for the Warriors who want to conquer the Universe!

First Event, to make more and more new friends level up faster, The exp of the whole server is

Wonderland Online: Game Strategy Collection

NEWS One week has passed since Wonderland Online ( http://wl.igg.com/ ) stated the Closed Beta test. The WL team firmly believes that by now some of our players must be very familiar with certain parts of the game, so they will be holding the “Game Strategy Collection” event for those veterans to show

Patch 5021 Released

NEWS We are pleased to announce the release of patch 5021!

Highlights of Patch 5021

New Feature:

1. Path Finding: Click the "Path Finding" button on the right and select the destination in the list, you will walk to the place you want to go to automatically. We're introducing this in Market, Job

Angels Online: Melee Combat Skills Preview

NEWS There are more than 30 different kinds of spells in Angels Online (http://ao.igg.com). By learning them, players can be on their way to the career of their choice. Special spell combinations may even lead them into surprise careers and titles.

In order to get to know the spells in Angels Online,

WoKF Bosses

NEWS No MMORPG is complete without tough Boss characters to pit one's skills against, and the World of Kung Fu is no exception

The Secret of Top Weapons

NEWS The Secret of Top Weapons

Elf Online fans have just unvailed the secrets of the top weapons in Elf, let’s see what surprise we have.

As all of you might have noticed, the durability of equipment in Elf Online (http://elf.happymmo.com) decreases, and it requires repairing. The max durability of
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