Tales of Pirates: Easy iPods Giveaway Kick-off

NEWS To provide more fun and more excitement for new players, Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com) is holding their well received “Play ToP, Win an iPod” activity once again for the whole November.

In October, 35 lucky players won 15 cool iPod products and 20 mighty Fairy Pets. Now for all players

Open Beta Release

NEWS Dear players,

Open Beta for Perfect World has been delayed. Some of you may have read about this game going live on Nov. 1st. You were given false information. The Perfect World team has not set an Open Beta date yet and they ask for you to be patient. You can still download the client and

Voyage Century: Happy Moments Commemoration

NEWS Thanksgiving Day is coming. Voyage Century Online (http://vc.igg.com) will hold a “Remember the Happy Moments” activity in the forum for players to remember their joyful time during the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Event Duration: Nov 6th – Nov 21st

Event Venue: The Event Zone of the VCO Forum


Zu Online: Detailed Description of Pet System

NEWS In the world of Zu Online--http://zu.igg.com, pets are not only status symbols, but also can help you a lot. Once players have their own pets, their HP, MP, Attack Damage, Physical Defense and Magic Defense will be increased. Pets allow you to travel overland more quickly than on foot when you ride

Myth War: New Rewards and Puzzle Hunting Activity

NEWS In order to give something back to players for their continuous support in the “Fortune Bombing” event, the Myth War (http://mw.igg.com) team is glad to announce new rewards for this event.

Adjustment Time: Starts EST 0:00 (GMT-5) Nov. 1st

Prize Information

The Top Prize: Glitter Tiger or Flame

Tales of Pirates: Thanksgiving Turkey Hunting

NEWS The Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com) team wants to bring to its loyal players a special banquet to celebrate the coming Thanksgiving Holiday. As everyone knows an indispensable part of Thanksgiving is the turkey, so ToP will hold 3 rounds of Turkey Hunting activities during the month of

Server Merge Announcement

NEWS Dear All,

Age of Armor, Cancri Server and Server Leonis Will merge together, the conflict between Earth and Mars will become much more fiercely than before. And everyone now can enjoy the fun of PVP in Age of Armor. The two servers will merge together at 01:00A.M GMT-5 on November 7th 2007. After

Pi Story Second Closed Beta Test Announcement

NEWS Seoul, Korea - November 2, 2007 - South Korean developer NCONY Enterprise announced today that the second closed beta for Pi Story , its 2D side scrolling anime action game, is now over. Game servers are now closed to

Zu Online: Challenge GM and Win Special Armor

NEWS This weekend, Zu Online (http://zu.igg.com) presents an exciting online event as well as some detailed guides to all Zu alpha testers and enthusiasts.

Starting on Nov 3rd, our GMs will appear in the Hexad Region and wait for our players’ challenge from 10:00 pm EST (GMT-5) to 00:00 am EST

Zu Online Guides #1: Boss Introduction

NEWS Since the Zu Online Alpha Test started, we have been pleasantly surprised by the players' enthusiasm. While they can enjoy the fascinating scenery in game, some players are still not familiar with how to do quests and how to challenge Bosses. Here we're happy to help them with some game guides
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