Dark Legacy Review: The Game Misses By A Mile


Dark Legacy is a game that messes with you from the start. According to the story you wake up your village which has been ransacked by a marauding band of thieves, you get up from bed only to see that your son was beheaded. You take up the sword that saved your life and start off in your adventures as a person who is being eaten up by revenge.

Combat Grounds Review: Highly Addictive


Browser games have become quite a fad lately, leading to numerous themed games all being played in the comfort of your web browser. Combat Grounds is a free to play massively multiplayer online (MMO) web browser game that deals with military tactics and skirmishes.

Golemizer Interview: What’s Up Doc?


My name is Dave Toulouse and I'm an independent game developer from Canada. I'm the creator of the browser based MMORPG Golemizer. At day I'm an analyst programmer working for a small company and at night I transform into Dr. Altus, this crazy but friendly scientist behind the sandbox world of Golemizer.

MMORPG Trends: Where Have We Come From? Where Are We Headed?


MMORPGs have been around for more than a decade. Since the beginnings of this humble genre of video games, developers have been following a set of rules when it comes to developing an MMORPG, few daring to take risks. Adhering to the nature of RPGs, the pioneers of this genre have laid the foundations for generations of MMORPGs to come. However, we have seen many interesting developments in the features that MMORPGs offer

TLBB Closed Beta Unleashed!


You’ve fought with honour, become a Winter Legend overnight and welcomed the New Year with a bang. Now join TLBB Europe for its Closed Beta experience set to be the best yet!

Imperian Review: So Old School It Rules


Imperian is a browser based text game that puts you in the shoes of one of the many possible races in the game world of Aetherius. Demons, orcs and bickering gods are your biggest problem besides trying to survive the rough land you're in.

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