A Preview of Armor for Moonmaidens

NEWS The Official IGG site for Zu Online has announced a preview of the armor designed for the Moonmaiden.

Moonmaidens are revered for their quick attacks, and skillful dexterity while fighting in the Secondary World. They perform well both in short range and long range.

Cronous Launches Commercial Service


Seoul, Korea, August 13, 2007 - Sang-Wook Lee, CEO of Lizard Interactive Co., Ltd., announced today that Cronous will launch its Commercial Service this August.

Cronous will still be Free to Play online but will also include an Item Shop where users can buy premium items. Introduction of its commercial service will not affect overall balance of the game it will just add more fun for the players.

CEO Sang-Wook Lee said “With the support from all gamers and fans of Cronous, we were able to successfully conclude both CBT and OBT. I assure you that, with the launch of commercial service, we will implement well-systemized game management and various updates to provide better service for you.”

Along with the launch, Cronous will be having an Item Shop opening event and the Grand Update of Episode 5 including new zones of Hover Island, flying ships and boss monsters.

The flying ship, called Narsha, is a means of transportation to get to Hover Island. Hover Island consists of the River of Resurrection, River of Flame, River of Ordeal, River of Hero and Monster Mill. In these new zones, users will be able to acquire materials to create new weapons.

Another feature to focus on in the coming update is the new boss Jakiel. Being one of 5 Advocates of Macuapel, Jakiel controls the Monster Mill, researching and seeking ways to resurrect Macuapel. With items that would be dropped when Jakiel is defeated, gamers may create and acquire the rarest of items with fortified magical damage.

Lastly, but not least, a unique growth item that is not found in any other games is included in the update. Cronous has adopted the Growth System which means that as a character gains experience and grows so does the item. Growth items will have different characteristics depending on the propensity of the gamer in battles. Gamers can name their growth items and, if successfully raised, have it remain in the Cronous forever.

Developers of Lizard Interactive emphasized that Cronous has fast speed and verisimilitude like Diablo and strong online community with vast content. They are also convinced that it has the essential elements to be the best MMORPG available.

Tales of Pirates: ver 1.36 – Union War Expansion Released

NEWS IGG is glad to announce that the new version 1.36-Union War Expansion will be officially released in Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com) on Tuesday, August 14, 2007, at 9.00PM EST(GMT-5).

Important changes regarding new Version

1. Reset of Security Code

When you enter Ver.1.36 for the

Transformable Armor Is Coming

NEWS Many of us have watched the movie Transformers. We all love it! Now in our MMORPG Age of Armor, We are preparing to some similar elements.

The usage of good visual engine provides a realistic environment in the game. And the flexible camera enables players a comfortable control in the game. Many

GodsWar Feature: Dual Class System

NEWS To choose a class is the first issue when people start the game. In GodsWar each class has its own characteristic progress with thorough occupational planning. In addition, there is also a dual-class system. Apart from the current class there is another optional class

New Payment Method for Tales of Pirates Players

NEWS All Tales of Pirates friends will be delighted to hear the news that IGG has partnered with ClickandBuy, one of the market-dominating companies for Internet payment systems and enables profitable online business with e-commerce and paid content.

IGG (http://www.igg.com), a new leading publisher

Now Transform!

NEWS According to the official history, the human race has endured some unexpected exist stages, the break up of the Mars Colonel and the Earth Union, because of the greedy union deprive the Mars too many privileges. The residents on mars formed their own government called Aesir Public and fought against

Voyage Century: Pets Comic Spotlight

NEWS The VCO team (http://vc.igg.com) has decided to hold a comic contest: "VCO pets" from August 9th, 2007 to September 9th, 2007. This one is a bit different from the long term one currently in the forum, this is an independent event. The winner will get precious Dragon Equipment.

This event is open

2nd CB Delays untill the end of August

NEWS As our servers in North America are very stable and the cable service is also splendid, we decide to add a dungeon area named “Exotic Planet” for those lvl15+ players.

For this reason, we have to upgrade our client to add the new item in it. Here we want to say sorry that the 2nd close beta test

Warhammer Online Interview


Since most of our readers are familiar with the basic premise of Warhammer Online, I would like to dive right into the community aspects of the game; specifically as to why you decided to do not only a video podcast but also have these little cell phone video updates usually showing a lighter side of the office.

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