Tales of Pirates: Latest Client v1.35 Preview

NEWS A brand new TOPwill come in front of all fellow pirates by the end of August, in which many newfangled systems, the romantic marriage system, the exciting slot machines, the longed in game item mall and the Argent city melee system is included. Every part of the

Zu Online: Weapon Description



Swords are taken by Swordsmen as their main weapons. Swordsmen upgrade their own abilities

through upgrading their swords. High level Swordsmen are always the main force of a large

combat due to

Voyage Century: The Highest Level Ship Revealed

NEWS Ship is very important in Voyage Century (http://vc.igg.com) as the soul for man. There are mainly three categories of ships in VCO: Raiding Ship, Trading Ship, and Battle Ship. Different ships have different functions featured by speed, load capacity, and battle setting.

IGG shows all the best

Secret Online Interview


The story of Secret Online is under the ancient oriental background, the territory of ancient China was split into several clans and kingdoms… And also confront and cooperation relationship between different clans.Mohist stands for Peace loving and justice, the Shadow is famous for its assassin organization.

ONRPG Q&A: Gods War Online Part 2


You don't need to choose a race in Gods war, but there are two categories of class which are warrior and mage, so the players will start with a warrior or a mage, but during the game players are able to choose some other class.

Tales of Pirates: New Version Pictures Revealed

NEWS IGG announces that a new version 1.35 of Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com) will come in the near future. Right now, we would like to share some cool images we have newly obtained with you. For more, please visit:http://top.igg.com/info.php?articleId=426

Myth War 1st Anniversary Carnival Week and New Constellation Pack Release

NEWS Since the launch of open beta on July7th, 2006, Myth War Online has been receiving

continuous support from increasing number of enthusiastic fans. Now that Myth War 1rt

birthday is around the corner, the official has prepared a splendid feast to express

gratitude to all players---


GodsWar Online:Class System Preview

NEWS The greatly anticipated 3D MMORPG--GodsWar Online ( http://gw.igg.com) generally features its fresh and aesthetic style as well as its mythological background. Its unique game background determines the setting of classes.

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