Omerta v2.5 launched

NEWS Omerta v2.5 is launched at now.

Here is a list of the changes in this version:

DHP punish rule - more about this later as we have some time left to decide and we may ask for your helo in VOTD

Slower ranking

about twice as slow - so we don't polarise into a world of Brugs

The Official Site of Voyage Century is Available

NEWS When the official pre-beta introduction pages are promoted, Voyage Century is proved to be high-expected. As the first 3D nautical online game, Voyage Century attracts innumerable players. The clicking rate is keeping increasing. Now, at the moment of closed beta, the formal official site of Voyage

“Voyage Century” Brings You to Review the Sail Culture of 16 Century

NEWS As a voyage game, ships are necessary and play an important role in it. Viewing the whole human history, we will find that sail, as a tool of people conquering the oceans and rivers, was the carrier of the ocean culture. Without those ships, the ocean culture would lose its spirit. In the great

Pirate——the Most Disputable Character in Voyage Century


Pirate was a career with hundred of years’ history. As early as the Roma Empire, the rampant pirates were a great problem to the empire. With the development of industry and sea trade, the power and the domain of the pirates became more and more strong. The floruit of the great navigation age also

Voyage Century Will be Free Forever

NEWS IGG, an operator for the globe online games, announces that the first all-time nautical 3D online game, Voyage Century, will be free forever. At present, the English version is completed and now it is being tested in the technology. Soon, it will be open to all the players for trial and the players

The Wulfram Experience

REVIEW Wulfram is truely a unique game, unlike any other game on the internet.It has a 10 year history and still going strong. Wulfram has training a server with LIVE trainers,who are also apart of the playing community, that help you learn the basics of the game, and only this part is level based. Even

Open Service & Event

NEWS 1. Open Service.
Thanks for your interest in Xiah.

We appreciate your patience and indulgence as we continue to develop and enhance the ease, convenience and functionality of our products and services.
We finally start the Grand Opening Service.

We have fixed numerous bugs and other

Xiah Review


There are many massive multiplayer online role-playing games on the market now. For a game to be successful it needs to be distinct and without glitches. Xiah brings out all the best aspects of this style of gaming, if not many of the best aspects of gaming in general. In Xiah, you create your

Rappelz Goes Live Nov 3rd!

NEWS Due to the success of Open Beta Rappelz, one of the most highly anticipated Free 2 Play MMORPGs will officially go live November 3rd, 2006. Rappelz was developed by nFlavor and published in the North American, South American, Australian, and European market by Gala-Net Inc. (the publishers of Flyff

This Halloween Marks the City of Villains One-Year Anniversary


Launched on Halloween of 2005, City of Villains finally answered one of the players’ top requests - to be the bad guy. To commemorate this first annual milestone, we conducted our own Q&A with Cryptic Lead Designer Matt Miller.

Rappelz Halloween Extravaganza!

NEWS Halloween is here!!

To celebrate Halloween we will be holding a Rappelz Halloween Extravaganza where users from the world of Rappelz can collect candy by slaying monsters. You can either use the candy to help you recover your stats or you can experiment and combine different types of candy to
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