Kicks Online Preview


Kicks Online is a new and quite different type of MMO coming out from It is a football (American soccer) game focusing on the player controlling a single character in a 3 on 3, 4 on 4 or 5 on 5 pick-up match. The website is owned and operated by Game Media Networks and will function as a portal to the games they are offering.

Voyage Century: Ship Figurehead Review

NEWS Figureheads are one of these equipments that of great importance to the ship attribute in Voyage Century Online ( They have great impact on the durability, propulsion, speed, number of sailors and attack of ships. Furthermore, you will have a much lower possibility to encounter

GodsWar Online Equipment Feature

NEWS As we all know, equipment attributes have a direct impact on the pace of leveling-up, so the equipment system is very important in the game. The random equipment generation system of GodsWar Online (http:// is a major feature. Dazzling equipment modeling and unique equipment attracts the

Zu Online music tracks now available for the public #1

NEWS Think in the dark night, two high-ranked swordsmen in a keen duel. In the fight, they show their most deadly weapons and play their skills to the fullest; they even soar highly into the sky and the duel continues till the first twilight split the morning sky.

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WYD Latest News


July 12, 2007Weeks after WYD Episode I: Chaos World was launched, we are proudly to say that a lot of gamers playing WYD Global due to successful launching of closed beta.

Tales of Pirates: Summer 7-Day Carnival Kickoff

NEWS IGG( announces that a new large regular summer carnival will start in Tales of Pirates ( from July 16, which will lasts for two months, not only to meet our players’ need but also to create a wonderful summer holiday for them. Events are varied everyday during

Tales of Pirates: Signature Contest

NEWS First Personal Signature Contest will be held in Tales of Pirates ( forum with the theme of “Show Yourself, Show Your Talent”, which will last for two weeks. Take up your pen, sign your name. Let’s see who the most talented guy in TOP is.


Time: July

Myth War anniversary carnival review

NEWS Myth War ( anniversary carnival has been going on for six days. Since its launch on 7 of July, thousands of players have shown great interest and enthusiasm in that series of celebrating events. Here are some screenshots drawn from these events such as PK, Seek and Run, Make a

Dofus Interview


DOFUS has been very popular for several reasons. First of all, the DOFUS universe, inspired by mangas and comics, is echoing this culture that is very popular around teenagers and young adults. Unlike other MMORPGS, DOFUS is colorful, with its own humor and very easy to access.

Release of DOFUS Episode 8: Interview with the Wabbit

NEWS The 4 million players MMORPG DOFUS will soon be releasing Episode 8 on server Shika: Interview with the Wabbit!

This new episode will contain:

- A new areas: the mysterious Wabbit Island,

- Two new dungeons included the Wabbit Castle

- News monsters including the malicious Wabbit Grandpa or

Zu Online in alpha testing

NEWS Since IGG officially announced its newest massively multiplayer online role-playing games, Zu Online one month ago and later with the release of its computer graphic, everyone has been so excited at the idea of trying this Martial arts MMORPG once it’s available.

Today the official has put
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