MMO Grinding

NEWS Grinding is the chore that you hate doing, it’s the cleaning the toilet of all house work. It’s horrible. Yet despite this, why do game designers decide to constantly add this “feature” into their games. Do developers really think that we just want to constantly fight the same monsters to level up?

Tales of Pirates: November Events Ceremony

NEWS The officials at Tales of Pirates have announced that they will be holding lots of cool events in November, like the brand new Fairy Chest event, the Everyday Surprises event, the new PVP arena event and much more.

Thanksgiving Quest Coming

NEWS To celebrate Thanksgiving this year, TQ team will offer you a crazy cast of entertaining NPCs to liven up your holiday.

Myth War II: NPC Manual?2

NEWS The war waged by the divine essences against each other was a curse on Rarus Continent and ravaged the land. Many deities were transmigrated to tutor gamers here to comfort their sinful souls.
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