Voyage Century New Feature: Gem Socket System

NEWS It’s common for veteran Players in Voyage Century ( to have accumulated large quantities of armor, weapons and equipment which are of little use to the players. It has also been common for players to throw them away or sell them at a low price to the system. With the coming of

ZU online challenges traditional D&D system

NEWS What are the similarities and differences between the game systems in ZU ( and in the traditional D&D system?

Usually, in traditional D&D games there are two big factions so that it is obvious who are your compatriots and who are your enemies. Also the character attributes are

Three Kingdoms Three Transformers

NEWS Transformer, the word has brought us too many sweet memories to us for more than 20 years, from plastic Toys to cartoon films, from movies to games; we should thank the original designers for their efforts that brought such brilliant thing to us. Japan, U.S and China, the three Kingdoms, provide us

Tales of Pirates: Wallpapers of September

NEWS IGG ( has engaged in making a serious calendric wallpapers for Tales of Pirates ( A new wallpaper of the coming September with two sizes(1024*768 & 800*600) is available for download now.

Guild Wars: Eye of the North Manual and Map Now Available

NEWS In celebration of the upcoming Sneak Peek Weekend for Guild Wars: Eye of the North, ArenaNet has made a beautifully illustrated game manual and a detailed map of the new regions available early for fans of the game. These items are now available at

Imagination Unchained

NEWS Great news for the transformers fans, Age of Armor is ready for its 2nd Close Beta Test, as to make the wait less boring; we organize the activity “Imagination Unchained”. Show off your imagination now! We have prepared special prizes for the winners.


Waste material recycling: If

Ultra Transforming armor – T.Rex Is Coming

NEWS Age of Armor is a robot-themed MMO RPG, based on the wars between Earth Union and the Republic of Aesir. The game is designed for thousands of players, from decisive war to player VS player, from corps war to bloc war.

GodsWar Soundtrack Samples #2

NEWS There is a variety of background music in Gods War online ( Soft, classical, romantic and passionate...... Each melody features its own unique charms, with the background music changing automatically to match the gameplay in the scenes.

You may still remember the Soundtrack

Release of DOFUS Episode 11: Moon Watch

NEWS The MMORPG DOFUS is releasing today Episode 11 on server Shika: MoonWatch

Our story starts at sea... a perilous voyage to an unknown land... a shipwreck. The vessel is dashed to pieces and all the helpless souls within her drowned. All saved one... Not for you a watery end... but a new life

Nostale goes live in Europe

NEWS As of August 21, 2007, Nostale was released in Europe under a company called GameForge who will host Nostale for not only Europe, but outside countries as well. They began their client under Closed Beta and will go Open Beta in about 1 week. During the time they go Open Beta all accounts made will
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