Zu Online: New Scenes Preview

NEWS If a player has taken part in the Zu Online (http://zu.igg.com/) Alpha Test before then they should be pleasantly surprised by the new elements added to the Open Beta Test. If they enjoyed playing in the variety of situations and killing the bosses then the following content is a must for them to

Angels Online: Closed Beta Test ending and Open Beta Test Coming

NEWS During the Angels Online (http://ao.igg.com) Closed Beta Test, we were pleasantly surprised by players’ enthusiasm. With players’ support, the Closed Beta Test was going smoothly, and ended at 8:00 pm EST on Dec 10th 2007. Because of our players’ strong support, we have decided that players’

Open Beta Starts

NEWS Greetings from the land of Xen!


Outspark, a leading publisher and operator of free online community games available through an engaging virtual playground, is pleased to announce the open beta release of its newest game Secret of the Solstice. Set in the fantasy world of Xen, Secret of the

Elf Online Interview


The extremely spoofed game ELF Online is a massively multiplayer online pet game. Its creative design makes the pet system outstanding from others. It is not exaggerated to say that ELF Online is a masterpiece in the present market of online pet games. The large-scale

Myth War: Have Fun with GMs

NEWS During this Christmas Carnival Month, the Myth War (http://mw.igg.com) team has tailored a series of celebration activities to satisfy players.

Do survival quest with GMs

Event Time: 4:00 PM Server Time, December 8th

Location: One random map of Myth War

Event Content: Players should find and

Elf Online Close Beta Bug Hunting & Double Experience Event

NEWS It had been two days since the Elf Online close beta began in Dec. 8th. During close beta, players are immersed in the fun of the game and say high of it. Thank you for your participation in Elf Online Closed Beta. We hope you enjoy Elf Online and all the fun it has to offer. We are asking for your

Dec. 8th Elf Online Close Beta

NEWS Bravo, the most jocose prank mmorpg in history---Elf Online (www.happymmo.com) will start its close beta on EST 2:00pm Dec. 8th. Happymmo is also pleased to announced the release of the download URL at http://download.elf.happymmo.com/elf_online.exe. Players who have got a beta key may download the

Angel Lyceum Defense Force

NEWS With Christmas quickly approaching, IGG would like to return their players' long-term support and enthusiasm with the "Angels Lyceum Defense Force" activity.

Event Description:

We have heard that a band of monsters is planning to attack the Angel Lyceum during the Christmas holidays.

Voyage Century: New Version Events

NEWS Christmas Day is coming, and so is the new version of VC. So the Voyage Century Online (http://vc.igg.com) team will be holding some new activities in the new version to celebrate the Holiday Season.

Guess and Prize

To help players get familiar with all aspects of the new version, the VC team

Elf Online Client Download Released

NEWS Happymmo is pleased to announce the download address for its first mmorpg Elf Online. Players could download Elf Online at http://download.elf.happymmo.com/elf online.exe now. Also, Elf Online will start it close beta soon. Players could enter the game by using the beta key after installed the game.
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