Trickster Online Review

REVIEW Caballa Island; The landscape for Don Cavalier’s little "game" in which players compete for a fabled treasure. This island serves as the turf for Trickster Online, an MMORPG released to the public since August 4, 2006.

La Tale Preview

REVIEW OG Planet has had experience with the Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) genre, hosting well-known games such as Cabal Online, Rumble Fighters, and Albatross 18. To some people’s surprise though, OG Planet has hosted and tested a new game that is very similar to Maple Story. LaTale, the next Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) hosted by OG Planet, went into Open Beta phase to allow any players to test or try out the new MMORPG.

Ragnarok Online Review

REVIEW This title is host to one of the largest character class selections, and they are all extremely well developed.

S4 League Review


S4 is one of the best casual action games to come across the market in a while.

Asda Story Review


ASDA Story has a very comforting feel about it, what with the cartoon characters having giant feet and with a distinct anime style that echoes throughout its universe. Also with the list of “jaw dropping” features that this game boasts, I became very interested in whether or not this game will be a revolution to the genre.

Lord of the Rings Online Review

REVIEW Lord of the Rings Online is a basic MMORPG, just in a brand new super shiny wrapping with a little pink bow tied on top for good measure.

Fiesta Online Review


Eccentric music fills the air; I am logging into Fiesta Online, a world where quests bring perilous journeys, and also great treasures. Fiesta Online is an interesting title first released by Outspark on the 8th of November 2007. This review will cater how it has improved or weakened since its first impression, as well as a basic overview.

Lunia Review

REVIEW When I look at all of the arcade games that were created in the past that were meant to be played at an arcade, I think of all the good times I had, gaining high scores and playing with friends. We used to go through quarters and quarters just playing Gauntlet and we always had fun co-operating through the game and helping each other out. Now, think of that, only, remove the quarters, switch the high scores out with experience points, change the joystick into a keyboard, update the graphics A LOT, and replace your friends with the internet.

Wonderland Online Review


There are many types of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) out on the Internet. However, IGG (Internet Gaming Gate), the corporation that has brought us Zu Online, Angels Online, and Tales of Pirates, has done something different in appealing the MMORPG market.  Wonderland Online is a new game with an innovative battle system, a captivating story, and an abundance of side quests and crafting that can be done.

Red Stone Review

REVIEW By Rick Charbs

Have you ever dreamt of playing Diablo II as a mmorpg? Well now is your chance!

Red Stone is a mmorpg that brings you back to the classic era of gaming. This title features many aspects of classic and casual gaming, whilst still offering state of the art ideas and concepts. During my days of adventuring the continent of Prandel, I have discovered plenty of enjoyable content, although there is still much room to grow. This review will feature many of those aspects and my personal view on how they relate to the average playability of this title.

Holic Review

REVIEW Point and click MMORPGs, we all know that they are nothing special these days. They run the gambit from little free-to-play games with a couple hundred players to massive online communities with players in the millions worldwide. Every now and then, one of these games comes along that changes things up a bit, be it for good or for bad. Holic doesn't really change much for the genre, but what it does do it does well.
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