Muniz Online Review: Cuteness and Gameplay Combined!

REVIEW The game combines cuteness factor, a variety of mini-games you can spend time on, MMO elements like a quest and level system and community enhancing features like a marriage system and even a customize-your-own home feature.

Bounty Bay Online Review

REVIEW In Bounty Bay Online it's the players that write history! Similar to the great explorers, buccaneers and pirates of old times, the players have to write the history of Bounty Bay Online.

RF Online Review: Great PvP and Community

REVIEW RF has a completely new publisher, CCR INC, who is determined more than ever to bring you the best RF Online experience yet

Roto X Review: Amazing Game and Community

REVIEW This is one of the best text based MMORPGs out there. Now before you turn away from this article and say, “Oh it’s a text based MMO, I wanna play something with graphics”, let me tell you this, Roto-X has one of the best communities ever seen in a game.

Dekaron Review: Flashiness at its Finest


When I first laid eyes upon Dekaron it immediately struck me as a game that would be an onslaught of flashy skills, bloody enemies and females who also happen to have a part time job at strip clubs.

Runes of Magic Preview: One Character Two Classes

REVIEW Taborea, a realm filled with magic, is looking for heroes. Although this world has a long history, adventurers have begun to appear only a couple of months ago… when Frogster opened his servers for the Open Beta of Runes of Magic.

Maple Story Review: Great Mix Of Cuteness And Gameplay

REVIEW In Maple Story you take a role of as a “brave adventurer protecting the Maple World” and you have five job paths to choose from, you can opt to become a warrior, magician, bowman, thief and the newly added job class, the pirate.

Apocalypse Online Review: Linear Play

REVIEW You are one of the remnants of humanity that escaped the effects of war. You are now living in a world scarred forever by the past. All you can think about is to survive.

A Tale in the Desert Review: Thriving Community

REVIEW A Tale in the Desert is a game that tackles the less RPG-ish feel of most MMOs in the market today by going into a more developmental approach of gaming.
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