Eve Online Review

REVIEW In a galaxy far far away called New Eden, the descendants of the first human pioneers who got there 35,000 before through a space anomaly called EVE are now rebuilding their society and technology.

Cronous US Review

REVIEW I recently sat down to play CroNous-US, an MMO that was originally created in Korea until Aeria Games, a North American game company purchased the right to open a US version with their touches on it. It’s still in its Open Beta phase.

Freaky Creatures Review

REVIEW Freaky Creatures is a new MMO developed by Bandon Interactive Entertainment. It has recently been released in the beta phase, and is planned for full release in early 09. Without much released information of the game, it stands pretty unnoticed by many. In that respect, it is also in need of serious reparations and enhancement.

Wonderland Online Review

REVIEW Wonderland Online has announced that the new 3.0 version will be released soon. Players have been waiting patiently, and with news slowly leaking about the new upgrades coming, they decided to open the floodgates and give you a comprehensive sneak preview of the biggest changes.

Zu Online Review

REVIEW Zu Online is an free to play MMO released about the end of 2007 by IGG. After spending several days putting in a nice chunk of time playing this game, I was impressed by both the graphics, and the gameplay.

Lunia US Review

REVIEW Lunia US is a very different MMORPG, because in most other MMOs you are able to walk freely around the world. But in Lunia this is very different. Lunia uses an Animatic Cinema System, which means you your player experience is closer to reading a book.

LOTRO – Mines of Moria Preview

REVIEW Eighteen months after the release of Lord of the Rings Online (the MMORPG set in the world created by J.R.R. Tolkien), Codemasters is about to hit the shelves with an expansion set, Mines of Moria. We have taken a sneak-peek at the new features it will add to the game.

Myth War II Review

REVIEW Myth War II includes many interesting, unique, and generally amusing features. Without naming them all, there is: the summoning and shapeshifting system, as well as deity beasts and destructive weapons and the rebirth system.

RuneScape PVP Review

REVIEW Runescape is pretty much an obligatory game for anyone venturing the MMORPG universe. There are plenty of people who have started from Runescape and then expanded their horizons to many other MMORPGs.

Final Fantasy XI Review

REVIEW Early September some major improvements in gameplay were released, reinventing several features which allow for great new experiences.

Hovorun Review

REVIEW Hovorun was launched in open beta by GamersOxygen, on the 18th of September 2008. Basically, it is a 3D racing MMO, in which players race with hovercrafts rather than cars or planes.
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