Shaiya Review: Light Vs Dark


Shaiya online is a great online game, the difficulty modes add a lot of depth and replay value to the game. The quests in the game are just like other MMORPGs, they aren’t really renewing.

Apocalypse Board Review: Chess Pieces That Rock


The game circles around the battle of good and evil in the world which are symbolized by Angels and Demons.  Your part in all this is to use either Angels or Demons in a chessboard like battle of supremacy.

Ghost Online Review: Ghosts, Spirits and Souls?


A game with nine different hosts (two English ones) must have something special. But what exactly has made Ghost Online so popular and why is it still alive and kicking?

Last Chaos Review – No more Chaos, please!


In the end, Last Chaos is a competent game.  It’s a standard point and click MMORPG with a few nifty gameplay elements thrown in.  However, the big problem with these elements is that they come off as a couple gimmicks.

Scions of Fate Review: Revisiting old Haunts


Scions of Fate revolves around the story of people who seek to understand the workings of the universes through the practice of Martial Arts. As the people started to evolve with the study, there came about two factions that believe on a certain principle in life emerged and because of the divergence of the two schools of thought a battle for supremacy had happen.

Combat Arms Review


Nothing is more rewarding than a big fat message that signifies your triumph, and the grungy text alone pretty much delivers that.

Regnum Online Review: An Atmospheric And Unique MMORPG


It’s atmospheric, and provides great PvE and RvRvR experiences for people of different tastes. The immersion levels are high, set in a fantasy world full of lore, unique characters, and a beautiful environment.

City of Heroes and Villains Review: Your Hero Side

REVIEW By Gabriele Giorgi (Darak), Onrpg writer Everybody dreams of being a superhero, dressed in tights, flying in the sky with a cape flapping behind, but, most important, with an array of devastating powe...

WoW Review: Welcome Heroes of Azeroth!


The powers of the infamous Lich King grows stronger each day, and it's up to you to make a difference. The cold war between the Horde and Alliance hasn't reached perfect stasis, making it hard for everyone to work together despite their horrid conditions.

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