Gunbound Revolution Review: Variable and Fun!

REVIEW Eventually peace was established, and 'the once fearsome instruments of war were bent to the peaceful purpose of sport, and thus the great Londean game of 'Gunbound' was born.'

Darkfall Online: Why Darkfall is Important

REVIEW Darkfall is on the verge of becoming a reality. Shockwaves were sent through the MMO community on Friday as Tasos Flambouras announced that Darkfall will be releasing in European markets on January 22, 2009. This announcement was followed by the deafening silence of “vapor trolls” who were once over-spoken forum activists convinced the game would never see the light of day.

Eudemons Review: Great PvP

REVIEW Eudemons is a free to play 2D MMO produced by TQ Digital. Its design is very different than I am used to from my experience playing other MMOs and, while it has some flaws, it also has several good points.

Star Wars: The Old Republic: End Game And You

REVIEW For me, the real game starts when I hit the level cap, and can begin raiding. I love the difficulty, skill and coordination required to raid. I love that not every single person you run into is able to pull it off.

Megaten Preview: can IMAGINE do it?

REVIEW Popular franchises such as Megami Tensei tend to always have a little bit of something in their various sequels and spin-offs. Our good friends at Cave decided to develop an MMORPG involving the Megami Tensei universe.

Project Powder Preview: Realistic Snowboarding


PP aims to provide an alternative to going outside, getting out your snowboard and ridding down massive hills, with its “realistic” and captivating approach to the sport of snowboarding.

Ran Online Review

REVIEW From Godzilla to Evangelion, Japan has always been the first bulwark against aliens, demons and all kinds of enemies who wanted to invade Earth. But mankind was going to be safe, since brave defenders (robots, super-humans, mutants… you name it) would protect our civilization.

Wonderland Online review

REVIEW If you like gameplay, and you like things in an MMORPG other than combat, Wonderland can definitely keep you sucked in for a while.

Conquer Online Review


TQ Digital, the company that has brought to the world Eudemons Online, CrazyTao and Zero online. Brings to us a 2.5D oriental MMO like no other, Conquer Online(CO).

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