BattleForge Review: Perfectly Balanced


Take a good chunk of the Collectible Card Game Magic the Gathering (or Yu-Gi-Oh, if you prefer), dip it in a broth of Warcraft (I mean the original Warcraft, mind you, not WoW) and add a pinch of auction house from any MMO; boil and stir and… there you go!

Three Kingdoms Review: Mindless Grind or Extremely Unique?


A high amount of gamers had been waiting for this game. When the game got released, most of the gamers were disappointed by the graphics of the game. It looked like it was another mindless grinding MMORPG, but was this true?

Wizard 101 Review: For friends and family!


The game offers you a wide world full of unique monsters, great battles and challenging quests. Other than that, there are many classes, summons, NPCs and features which are based on the storyline of the game. I’m going to take you all to the world of Wizard101 and let you experience one of the most unique games in the world!

Silkroad Online: Latest Expansion The Legend 4 update – Tomb of Qin-Shi Emperor


Axed on the latest update of the game, my tour was held in the Tomb of Qin-Shi Emperor, a large maze-like dungeon located deep in the Chinese portion of the game. To summarize their update, this legend 4 update approached the release of a new dungeon, Tomb of the Qin-Shi Emperor, an increase in the maximum level (from 90 to 100), new skills and items, and a new unique monsters concept.

Deicide Review

REVIEW By Salis Renvousa (WerewolfX), Onrpg writer   Deicide is a game I am sure some of you have played, and those who have not should most likely heed the words of this review. While the game is ...

Grand Chase Review: Carry a BIG sword and use it


Think of girls carrying big swords and swinging them around like toothpicks. Or of archers that shoot more than 3 arrows in one shot or of mages summoning meteors that came out of nowhere hell bent on blowing the life out of you.

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