Florensia Review: Great Sea Battles

REVIEW I normally don’t like playing as a pirate and going on the seas with my own ship, I hated it in Voyage Century and Tales of Pirates, however in Florensia it has a faster pace and plays much better.

Galaxy Online Review: Warfare spanning more than one Galaxy

REVIEW Galaxy Online is a strategy game that is set in a world where different factions are vying to be on top. As you enter Galaxy Online’s world you get to be a representative of one of the six factions that the game has. Each faction has its own advantage and storyline.

Travian Review: Browser-based Strategic Warfare

REVIEW Travian is a browser based game where you are a chief of a village and try to make your town into a prosperous nation that is either centered on warfare or a nation that is wealthy through trading and peaceful settlements with your neighboring villages.

Guild Wars Review: Factions

REVIEW Guild Wars is a different kind of MMORPG, most of the game is instanced which means that you get your own copy of the map and only you and your party members can play in.

Ikariam Review: Let the Gods Decide

REVIEW The game revolves around you ruling over a town in one of the numerous islands that are found in the Mediterranean Sea.

Archlord Review: Above All Pretty Graphics


The title sums up this game nicely.  The game is pretty with sparkly graphics and fantastic armor designs but there is no real depth to the game.  But first things first. Let's start by further explaining the good things about this game.

Wind Slayer Review: Great PvP Sidescroller

REVIEW All combat talk aside, Wind Slayer is a very popular game in its foreign counterparts, and seems to lack its fame here in North America. Thanks to Outspark, things are starting to change.
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