KartRider Preview

REVIEW KartRider is the newest game from Nexon, the same company who has brought you Maplestory. This game can best be described as an almost exact clone of the classic MarioKart series of games from Nintendo. Basically, you pick a driver out of a male or female one (though there should be more available from their cash shop) and jump right into their tutorial missions.

Granado Espada Preview

REVIEW Granado Espada is the latest game from Hak Kyu Kim, who is best known for the widely popular Ragnarok Online. The game itself placed in a 17th century European setting and boasts a new and innovative way to play MMORPGs. While the game is still months from launch, I took a peek at the Singeporean version hosted by Infocomm Asian Holdings, that is in beta as we speak.


REVIEW It is much like any other MMO. You set your characters hair, armor colors, face. When you first come into the game, they give you a two sets of armor, a bow, sword, and a few skills to start out with. You can choose between melee or magic, and hone your skills. Game play is slow when you start out,

New Flyff Game Server Opens in Preparation of 7th Version Update

REVIEW SAN JOSE, California – January 25, 2006 – Gala-Net, Inc. celebrates its success of the Online Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game, Flyff: Fly for Fun, by opening a new Server Cluster to support its growing community of players.

Two Thumbs, Fingers, and All Toes Up!!

REVIEW This is one great game that is highly addictive. The main reason I play it is that it is so relaxing as well.. Plus I love the wide range of pets that are available in it.. I have played a number of games but this is the one I came back to and stayed in. Try it now and have a blast!

What sort of beast is this?

REVIEW What is it?!? Is it an RPG? An RTS? Good news for those of you who like these two types of games: It's both. For the RTS part of the game, you are a soldier in one of three factions on one of two playable planets and the outcome of every battle depends on what units you have, how good they are, what

The Wulfram Experience

REVIEW Wulfram is truely a unique game, unlike any other game on the internet.It has a 10 year history and still going strong. Wulfram has training a server with LIVE trainers,who are also apart of the playing community, that help you learn the basics of the game, and only this part is level based. Even

Xiah Review


There are many massive multiplayer online role-playing games on the market now. For a game to be successful it needs to be distinct and without glitches. Xiah brings out all the best aspects of this style of gaming, if not many of the best aspects of gaming in general. In Xiah, you create your

Not half bad

REVIEW I saw that this game had a 0 as a rating, Its from the same makers as

RYL(i think), so i had 2 try it. It isnt that bad, its hard 2 get started out, after I played 4 a while it got pretty good. Graphics r cheesy, but it doesn't lag at all, gameplay is o.k. community is helpful, and an intresting

My Take on this game

REVIEW I played it very addictivly for almost a year. Which is rare for me.

I found it fun but after a while it got boring. And the community is getting worse. But finnally updates are comming so it is getting better.


REVIEW Maple Story is a boring monstrosity lacking any creativity whatsoever. You have to be born to play it to get any fun out of it.

The graphics are cute and enjoyable. Enviroments are unique and very well done. Basically, you stand on elevated platforms of land with a scenery background. Characters
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