Final Fantasy XI: A Brief History of Final Fantasy XI


What inspired the idea of Final Fantasy XI and who took on the challenge of conceiving and creating it?  How did this giant MMORPG get its first foot off the ground and into the door of a giant, ever expansive world?  Join us, as we take a brief look at how this game got started and how it became a legend.

Eve Online Review: Still Unmatched


For 6 years now, Eve has held a special place in the field of MMOs. Set apart from the rest of the pack in many ways, it has remained an oddity that nobody has yet managed to replicate.

Khan Wars Review: Super Strategic

REVIEW The variety is a huge plus for a strategy game with so many players playing simultaneously (you’ll end up having to surpass thousands if you dedicate yourself to this game!).

World of Kung Fu Review: Enter Ancient China

REVIEW This game is easily described as your average MMORPG. However, one must look past their generic gameplay and see into the extensive work put into the storyline and historical accuracy.

2029 Online Preview: Sci-fi RTS on a whole new scale

REVIEW 2029 online is set on an alien planet named Helen Continent. The humans have left the war-devastated Earth, seeking a new home where they can live and prosper. Upon landing they found out that the planet is under constant war as the other races that have inhabited the planet strive to be supreme.
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