Hey there community. You may have noticed recently our forums have run into some technical issues. This is related to a php block that has been brought on us by EasyList, a source many popular ad-block programs utilize as a core piece of their code. Unfortunately they've chosen to block php pulls which are a vital part of how vbulletin works, meaning a large number of ad-block programs are causing funky business for users trying to view our forums.

As we now know, this also impacts the system we use for OnRPG's giveaway page, meaning codes won't be able to be redeemed from there while ad-block is engaged (MMOHuts' system is unaffected).

Unfortunately we have no way of requesting this decision officially from EasyList. If our users post about it on their official forum: http://forums.lanik.us/index.php there is a chance we could convince them to reverse the decision. Until then though our users wishing to avoid advertisements are advised to utilize our "Wide" themes accessible at the bottom left of the forum.

We apologize for the inconvenience this causes.