Early on the 19th, we had some issues with posts disappearing on the forums. As a result we locked the forums and began investigating.

We've now resolved the issue, and we were able to restore MOST of the data. Posts from the 17th and 18th are missing and we are doing what we can (if we can) to restore them. You will also notice that user history on profiles is broken, that is also being worked on and will hopefully be restored next week.

We're very sorry for the sudden and unplanned downtime!

Now that things are appearing to be stable I am slowly unlocking the forums over the 12-24 hours or so. If you cannot post in a forum, please check the list below. If the forum is NOT on the list, it is still locked.

Edit: At this time all forums should be unlocked.

These forums are now unlocked:

The Lounge
- Graphic Shop
- Game Development
- Tech Corner
- Anime Nation
- Newbie Zone
* MMO Date Online has long lost its joke appeal and has been removed.

OnRPG and MMOHuts Featured Content
MMORPG Giveaways and Contests

Free and P2P MMO and MMORPG Hub
* Subforums for specific games have been removed/retired.

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