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  1. Oh, I thought you were keeping it short.

    Very good, then.
  2. LOL I've had long hair since I was about 16. I cut it in the summer of 2009. I cut it really short and used to spike it and shit but then I was like 'man, this is really not me' so I grew it out again and now it's long. Again.
  3. Oh snap, I could only see the first two panels of your sig. I get it now, lol.

    And since when have you had long hair?
  4. LOL NO I have long hair and stuff... WAIT A MINUTE ARE YOU TROLLING ME
  5. is that you in yr sig
  6. The fact that he wasn't already is disconcerting.
  7. So the guy in your avatar is quickly becoming my favorite actor.
  8. I'm jelly.
  9. Tonight. Doors at 7pm.
  10. When are you seeing Blind Guardian?
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