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  1. aeria is a rip off and if you think their not, go try and play it
  2. Hackers aren't people?! :O!!
    Last Chaos sucks ***... and you said it was the first MMO you've ever played - so you've played others, or is that your only one? First one is your worse one? o.o

    How were you scammed by Aeria games? You broke the rules, did some activity shunned from the game, and were dealt with. Aeria did nothing wrong, you were the one that broke the rules.
    Plus WTF is wall hugging.. and why the heck did you feel it was neccessary to spend that much money on a game you were cheating in, and knew you could of gotten banned at any moment.

    Its your fault, deal with it.
  3. hi all just here to tell you all not to add money on aeria games such as LASTCHAOS and 12SKY, their a bunch of money hungry thugs and besides lastchaos is swamped with hackers,spammers,glitches and it lags really bad.dont be a fool like i was lastchaos was my first mmo and i didn,t know any better i lost $1500+ because the hackers in that game and aeria banned me for wall hugging afk.if you do try lastchaos you will know just wat i,m talking about
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