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  1. Sure man. I'm down and I play often. I work from Monday to Friday and I get off work about 4:30'ish and I get home about 4:45 to 5:00pm. I get on WoW up to about 10:00pm and during the weekends I could play the entire time since I have weekends off. Just let me know, what's up.

    So far we're thinking about going Kil'jaeden Horde.
  2. sup fresh, ive been thinking about rolling a new char (actually i came to onrpg to check wow section to see if anyone was doing it first)

    was glad s2-s3 and kind of played casually on and off after that, looking to get back into the scene but i cba to level my dk

    i don't want to level with casuals though and would prefer to keep a decent pace with people who arent retarded? maybe we can get 3 people together and hit it up? ill be gone tuesday-friday next week but after that i can play anytime whenever
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