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  1. I had this really strange dream where you were at a party I went to...then you were leaving, and you left your PS3 at the house where the party was. I went on some epic quest to find you and ended up catching up to you right as you were getting on a bus. But then you just lol'd at me and said "yeah, I'll get it later". Hahah.
  2. Lmfao. Thanks. I was having a little party, and it came up somehow. I was like "BRB. I know who to ask!".
  3. Yeah, theoretically. Unless it melted the beer bong.
  4. Hey,. Since Supermans only weakness is kryptonite, could he melt down a hammer into liquid metal and then drink it through a beer bong for breakfast?

    This is an important question, and you're the go-to guy for this.
  5. Man, now I'm pumped haha. That place is really my favorite venue EVER...and now one of my favorite bands. Can't wait. I'll get some pics if I can!
  6. They're one of the best live bands in the world.
  7. Hey man...have you ever seen Mastodon live? I have the chance to go see them on 4/27 at a really small, really AWESOME venue...I was just wondering if they put on a good show? I can't imagine that it would be disappointing...I ****ing love Mastodon.

    Hopefully I get those tickets for my birthday
  8. IDK if I have already told you or not...but we went to a Converge concert in the local venue (really small)...I'd already pissed away my money at the Modern Life Is War merch booth, so we were browsing the Converge booth when we got a sweet offer.

    We had to let Jacob paper cut us anywhere of his choice for a free shirt. He paper cutted my friend Tyler right between his nostrils.

    My girlfriend volunteered too. He went to paper cut her and was like "Man, I can't do it to a girl. I just can't." she ended up winning a free hoodie! Hahahahah.

    It was awesome.
  9. Hardly any artists can afford to, Oister. Radiohead can afford to take the risk, most bands can't.
  10. Ah. Cool :O

    I really wish more artists would start that trend up.
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