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  1. Rhyme Asylum don't do battle lyrics...they have two albums. Check out the song Event Horizon and thank me later.
  2. I'm pretty new to Slaughterhouse, but Crooked's definitely my favorite. I just listened to one Rhyme Asylum song that you posted, and it was pretty awesome. I'll check them out, though I do get a little tired of nonstop battle lyrics after a while.
  3. That's one of his lesser lines, too. Crooked kills every single track he's on, so Slaughterhouse is just overkill. Overall, I don't think I've liked an MC more than Crooked I, when it comes to verse quality consistency.

    We'll see how his debut solo album is, though. If he manages to drop a killer album, then he's solidified his place as the best ever, to me.

    For some of his best verses, check out On Fire by Royce da 5'9", Crooked Go Hard freestyle and the Sittin' Sideways freestyle. Just get your hands on anything by Crooked, basically. Same goes for Joe Budden, but Crooked's got that extra level of sickness.

    If you actually wanna hear someone who is probably the best hip hop lyricist ever, check out Rhyme Asylum. Three people, but Possessed is stupidly good.
  4. "Y'all say that your pockets are big. I'd rather say that I'm Pac mixed with Big."

    Slaughterhouse is so sick, haha.
  5. I don't get notifications for Visitor Messages, and since I don't post here now, I was informed you posted. If you actually wanted to contact me, PM is better. I get email notifications for those.

    Still, sorry? Not my fault. The term "Retired Staff" isn't exactly accurate.
  6. The second I saw your name in pink I started hearing On the Nature of Daylight in my head.
  7. Do you listen to Grieves?
  8. I've actually been meaning to re-read American Psycho, I read it a long time ago and don't remember much of it.

    Glamorama looks interesting as well.

    Thanks, bro.
  9. Sorry about the late reply.

    Recommendations: American Psycho, Glamorama and The Rules of Attraction by Bret Easton Ellis are good ones.
  10. Hey man, you seem like an extremely well-read person. Can you suggest me any novels that have kind of a tounge-in-cheek parady sort of thing? Like subtly making fun of a certain genre or a social satire thing going on. Bad description, but if you know what I'm talking about some suggestions would be appreciated, thanks. =)
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