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  1. I had a homoerotic avatar for a long time. I wonder if I should use it again.
  2. Yeah I noticed. I might have to change back to my homoerotic avatar/signature combo!
  3. (also, you are a studly manly man)
  4. Oh.
    It would be funny if you got an actual infraction so you had two red cards.
    It would be hilarious.
    Maybe I should be talking with another mod... Mmhmm.
  5. It's a mod joke. Whenever a moderator gives a post an infraction, a red card appears on the bottom right of the post, so a mod knows that action has been taken against that post before. To tease all of the other mods, I put them on my posts so they'd constantly be taking a double take when they skim a thread.

    Muah! Hah! hahh!!
  6. There's a red card on the corner of your sig.
    Why is there a red card on the corner of your sig?
    I click it and nothing happens.
    Why is the red card taunting me so much?
    Red card.
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