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  1. Hahahha I have already read "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" and according to your signature you have not hahahaa

    How does it feel knowing that I have experienced something you have not and that I have knowledge that you do not hahahaah
  2. If you want to play ME2 online with me, let me know. My online account I share with my brother. Tag is Sauce ma bite

    It's French for suck my dick. My brother was a French major.
  3. Agreed, my good man. I'm glad they're coming out with an "extended-cut" ending this summer.

    Literally everything but the last 10 minutes was amazing.
  4. The ending was a huge letdown, but everything else was awesome.
  5. Thouuuuughts?
  6. What about my milk duds, Loric?
  7. Y'know.. it's honestly starting to grow on me.
  8. gotta say, I like yr avatar btw
  9. I seeeee. You will have to inform me of your opinions whence you have completed play. :3

    Pip pip cheerio!
  10. Yes, that is correct my good friend.
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