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  1. Hey bro mang dog, you should totally get in on that welcome back program Sony is offering. Get sum free games dood. You're the only one on my list without the Playstation Plus icon so I figured I'd remind you xD
  2. lul dat skald is startin it up yo.
  3. but i nevur sed ****in sht
  4. yo man i aint sed shit but if you wan me 2 say shit il say shit brah dont push me !!1
  5. so little birdy told me u been run yo mouff. U GOTTA GET GOT!?
  6. Lol oh god.
  7. He'd like that.

    Especially while you poop
  8. Man, **** Jeff Goldblum.
  9. I believe its in your message box, which is all the way to the right on the home screen
  10. ... how do I accept friend requests on PSN :{X
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