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  1. Is u watch TPB nao?
  2. My PSN is TrouserSasquatch

    Haven't gotten a chance to play in months, though.
  3. i knowwwww dude! i told ya! best show ever <3

    I'm totally gonna get a tattoo of Jake.
  4. I just got hooked on Adventure Time.

  5. Woah. Thats pretty crazy. Yeah, he was experimenting with DPH...something I never, ever plan on doing. Apparently you can't tell if the hallucinations are real or not (which is dellusions, not hallucinations). Lol. Crayyyyyzay.
  6. that's how i feel like every day. not that i imagine that there are people in the room, but just that feeling you know.

    also, do you know that feeling of where yr leaning backward on a chair just on its two back legs and it starts to fall backward but then you catch yrself? you know that feeling? i feel like that every day, too.
  7. Lol. Well, thank you. I was just about to put some dumbass thing my friend sent to me in, instead, I'll just post it here:

    "Sure enough there was a bird, a pigeon to be exact standing in the room looking at me with its little beady eyes moving his head around. I felt as if he could read my mind and my thoughts. I turned around to tell Steve that I saw the bird and there was nobody there. I was again seeing and having conversations with people that were not there. "

    I lold.
  8. yr signature makes every post you make seem so passionate and powerful
  9. Well, then don't go see it.
  10. But I hateeeeeeeeeeeee movie theaters D:
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