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  1. Xeno, you should play Kingdom of Loathing haha. The humor reminds me of you, I think you'd dig it.
  2. sweet! ice skating is a blast, but it's very hard to get into. go skate more, it's really good exercise.
  3. Hey Xeno, I went ice-skating for the first time in my life about a week ago. Let's just say I have a new respect for figure skaters and hockey players.
  4. get it high def. don't settle for just DVD quality.
  5. I haven't! I absolutely love Terrence Malick and I've heard only the best things about this movie. I definitely need to see it.
  6. have you seen The Tree of Life?

    it's so good. if it wasn't good I would hate it for being a terribly self-indulgent and pretentious movie, but it's pretty close to brilliant.
  7. Yeah I listened to Fleet Foxes when you mentioned them a while back. Only heard their first album, but I liked it. Not immensely, but it was definitely good . Will probably check out another album or revisit the first sometime.
  8. Check out any of the bands I mentioned? (Specifically Fleet Foxes)
  9. Oh man Gogol Bordello would be sweet live haha. But yeah I'll definitely have to check out that album. I still haven't listened to The Antlers' new album either, for that very same reason. Hospice being probably my favorite album.
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