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  1. Ok then. If you have 64bit Windows 7 this should work perfectly fine.

    Just download this file, don't worry it is safe. I uploaded it myself:

    Go to your FlyFF folder and delete the original Gameguard.des and your gameguard folder. Don't worry FlyFF will redownload the gameguard folder.

    Now go put the downloaded Gameguard.des file inside your FlyFF folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Gpotato\Flyff - is mine).

    Just run the game, you might see a black screen like I do. But when the blackscreen is there gameguard is just initializing. It might take a while the first time as Gameguard will have to download the folder again.

    But it should work. I don't think it works if you have 32bit Windows 7 though.
  2. hmm yea can u hook me up with the file
  3. I'll help you get it running on Windows 7. If you are interested I"ll upload the file that is needed. All that needs to be done is you need to replace the Gameguard.des file with a newer one, like the one from Crossfire.

    Only works on 64bit though. :S
  4. Eh I give up on FlyFF...I can't get it to work with Win7 on my desktop. And on my laptop its too slow to do anything.
  5. Paraducky - 82 BP
    Paladucks - 70 RM
    Paladuck - 80 Psy
  6. Oh and let me know of your IGN too, I'll add you in case I am online. Mia right?
  7. Lol. I play when ever my brother feels like training as I need him for FS. Usually it is late like at 7PM EST because he shares computers.
  8. when do you usually play flyff? been on looking for u sometimes but ur not there haha
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