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  1. do you play anything cute these days? i really miss trickster so i started playing ragnarok just reached ranger slowly played for a week, the deaths were annoying causing you to lose nearly 100k experiance.. it wasn't as motivating without any cosmetic gears, now i need to gear up!! impossibru!!!~

    really upset i missed their christmas gear set it was sooooooooooooo cuuuuuuute~!
  2. hehehe xD
  3. you and trickster, husband and wife.
  4. x) hee hee
  5. oh sorry im such a dumbass xD for some reason i kept thinking terraria when u said tera lol. idk why maybe because the moment u write me the ss thread was about terraria lol

    anyway yeah thats pretty darn cute! lol
  6. where? o.o i dont remember
  7. you quoted my tera screenshot
  8. wrong person? :P TheTake was the one who accidently bought the wrong game, he quoted Peter1992t thinking that was terraria
  9. that screeny i posted is from tera
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