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  1. wow cant believe i didnt notice this message for like 2 months lol, but yeah english people are on ship 2 xD
  2. Hey dude I'm think i'm gonna play phantasy star online 2 getting bored waiting for the english release that will take forever to come out lol i'll join you guys, you guys on ship 2 right?
  3. did u went with scythes or staff? :P ive only played staff up till now, bloody thread kicks so much ***
  4. I used the jumpstart event to lvl Evie to lvl 50, after playing for a while i came to the conclusion man she kicks ***
  5. i love it really!
  6. I started playing hellgate global again lol been ages since i've last played i'm getting annoyed with diablo 3 inferno, im stuck on act 3 quest 5 inferno on my wizard, the enemies can 1 shot me even though i got 30k hp and 700 all resists it's ridiculous lol.

    I'm gonna aim to solo berial in hell mode in hellgate this time, made a new character capable of doing it, I need to lvl up and grind my *** off to afford the best equips, my IGN is Black_Mage feel free to msg me if you ever play.

    How's dragon's dogma, worth buying/playing?
  7. If you want gold in torchlight 2 beta let me know, got 75k lol.

    When diablo 3 comes out, it'll be fun to party together
  8. oh dang 21 max? didnt know grats on beating it lol.
    i did dark souls up to level 150 somewere i think, i have yet to finish demons souls tho :P
  9. Max lvl is 21, looks like the beta is over for me, had fun. Btw did you beat demons souls and dark souls already? Try getting a platinum trophy in demons souls, that's difficult lol.
  10. I'm lvl 21 now...... I like the mage way better than the engineer, better dps. Gonna take a break now, if i log on later tonight i'll try to pm you

    Edit: I cant seem to get any more exp is 21 max level lol, i need your account name or email to add you to friend list it says.
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