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  1. Dat format copy pasta fail
    Also the funniest thing is the admin who infracted me didn't even post in the thread...
  2. Ironically, he thinks Riot coined it LOL dumbass.
  3. That is an obvious abuse if power(Derp i'm going to ban you because I disagree).
  4. So on another forum I go to the mods are really shit.

    I've been banned for a lot of stupid reasons over and over, 4th ban in a few months with each ban lasting at least a week. I won't go into some of the infractions because they're really dumb

    The site is going to shit so I don't really care that much, but my infractions are getting worse now.

    Would you ever infract someone for posting:

    Originally Posted by Rare
    "Whether you like it or not Moba is now a genre."

    No it's ****ing not. It's a term a Riot employee coined because he wanted to set LoL apart from DotA and AoS. It's vague and ambiguous.

    God **** you're retarded

    Kind of a pathetic infraction
  5. How can I help?
  6. I have a question for you
    Mod to underling
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