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  1. Alright, thanks mate. +Rep
  2. yeah, i'm trying to fix it now....
  3. Mate, the pictures to your guide are disappearing! Anyway you could fix them?
  4. Alright mate, when they're cleaned up just pm them to me and I'll add them to the OP. Thanks.
  5. yeah sure, but I need to fix it up abit...also I'll post a Infighter and Crusader one too.
  6. 'Ello mate, could I add that Exo guide to the OP (you'll be credited with a link to your +Rep)?
  7. kDNF mainly, but I do/will put other version's informations:
    And I obviously can't play DFO due to IP block, I know it's easy to bypass. But before DFO CB1 started i saw the screenshots nexon released, and laughed coz of fail
    so sorry i won't be touching that junk (I might only touch the game files ).
  8. Aww cmon mate you should give dfo a whirl sometime. That's ace! that its okay for now. But your own wiki would it be for DFO? or something else....
  9. lol, I should be working on my own wiki rather then helping something I don't play :/
    but other then that, your post is good enough already
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