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  1. Yeah, Well I have been busy with FFXIV, tho I am getting very fed up with it, can't stand the crafting system, way to broken IMO. Anyway I can look in to getting us some accounts, still have a few contacts I can talk to.
  2. Ahahahahah really? that's crazy. Anyway I have heard nothing of the person who created my account, so they can't really unlock it =X... was thinking of starting over completely... but I would be loosing all of those months spent grinding to HR120+
  3. you and me played Monster Hunter Frontier together a few times, i got Screens of us in game lol.

    Need to find a way to get our accounts out of purgatory.
  4. well I considered that, I used to send over files to my friends all the time, it's a question of our internet speeds. It will probably take about 2 hours+ per file(and thats assuming you have decent internet, seeing that your having trouble downloading them now, worries me), and they may be more susceptible to corruption. =X
  5. you know, if you got msn you can send every file to me directly, I hope. The game files maybe way to big though.
  6. Hmmm yeah I noticed the seeds and leaches were horrible, but at the same time it is expected, It is a PS2 ISO bundle that is a few years old, so a fast speed would be a miracle. Personally, I stick with file hosts, not the best, but better and safer than torrenting. Anyway I don't know what else I can do to help, I have horrible internet speeds, and I was able to download the files with out TOO much agitation. My suggestion is messing around with the file parts (some actually take longer( for example I think part 1 and part 3 both took around 2 hours, the rest of the parts were under 20 mins, so you have to mix and match))
  7. took me two hours a download, the other link I found would take 3 weeks, but it had every game in one collection..

    I'm getting bummed out by all this D:
  8. =X only took me a few hours per disk, but yeah, it was painful nevertheless. I would send you the files but I don't know how much faster a direct file transfer is.
  9. It takes too long to download, I'm just gonna go buy the whole trilogy from gamestop, I dislike buying used disks of games I love but I don't have much of a choice.
  10. Thats alright, alot of people dislike me. I'm glad you can say it to my face.
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