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  1. Is the pet system simplistic or is it actually quite in-depth?
  2. it's very fun, but it's also a little repetitive and LONG as heck.

    Be sure to pick a class that will be consistently fun for you for 35+ hours.

    I tried Lightning Wizard and Two-handed Warrior, but I've finally settled on Sword and Board warrior as a consistently fun class to play as.

    As well, pets are cool. You feed them items to make them grow, and the different kinds of items you feed them give them different bonuses. Like, potions increase their health and mana pool, whereas fighter armor increases their strength and armor.
  3. I should pick it up.. it seems amazing.
  4. Haha, me too. I was a pretty awesome combat mage.

    I prefer DS:2, tbh. It's the perfect sequel. Doesn't muck around with the formula, just improves the game greatly while maintaining the essence.
  5. Never got to play DS2, I played DS1, and DS:LoA like a mad man when i was like, 12 though.
  6. Finally getting a chance to beat Dungeon Siege II.
  7. Dungeon Siege avatar? I approve, Xenobear.
  8. one day closer to dying
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