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  1. Yeah, would've been awesome if you actually LOGGED IN. *evil eye*
  2. awesomesauceonabbqisawesome.
  3. Lol.

    I've added you now. =)
  4. no you add I'm to lazy*oops you learned something about me right thar*
  5. Well.. I wouldn't know that, you have to tell me. ;D

    But alright, it's getting slow talking through onrpg.
    Add my msn and we'll talk there:
  6. Whats there to know about me? :P
  7. You'll get one, when I know you better. Hold on, sugarpie.
    Now tell me a little bit about yourself.
  8. wheres my sign D:<
  9. Alright.

    Welcome to my world, Boinker.
  10. Well ill listen to anything anyone throws at me, cept BMTH thats my sisters "personal" band.
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