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  1. Yes indeed.. it did
  2. Hi Darkspine,

    Thanks! Our other MMO manager (Nilax) did the profile thing yesterday, I'm glad you like it! It rather made sense, didn't it?
  3. Hey Roxane, how's things with the forum going?
    I saw that new (profile) thing on each forum thing, thats pretty cool..
    Realy added an interesting future there.

    Keep up the good work
  4. Haha... sounds fun xD
    Wish I could join in on the fun..
  5. Hehe yes it's Chewbacca from Star Wars. The Moderators have got a funny avatar thing going on for this month with Furries. I don't like Furries that much (though to some degree they're funny) so I choose the weirdest type of furry I could find
  6. Is that chewtobaca, chewbacka? can't remember how the name is spelled...
    well, is it that furry thing from Star Wars? :O
  7. New Design??

    I can't wait
  8. Good to hear!

    We've just been working on the full Onrpg redesign :3 it's going to be there soon!
  9. Just fine
  10. Hey!

    I'm doing OK and you?
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