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  1. Btw, no offense with that thread, but I think it's better off me just not talking about Maple Story at all. I just have completely negative history that just bothers me overall. Sorry bro.
  2. I just bought Jamestown since I saw your post but forgot what it looked like, until the Steam page randomly showed up featuring it.

    It's... mehish :\ I mean, it's an ok shmup, but I owuldn't recomment $9 for it... especially the lacking of content in it.
  3. Wombats <33333333
  4. Of course. I love these incoherent people whine
  5. Just do what I do. Toy with them and tease them. Smart ones will keep their mouths shut and dumb ones will erupt in rage
    Fun times guaranteed.
  6. lol @ kstyle elitists
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