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  1. Not like I am totally serious about it. The only reason I visited the account was the interest how much time I have spent on anime. That's pretty much it.
  2. You man are using Anime Planet ! u must use MyANimeList !
  3. I got nothing but "lolque?"
    I seriously didn't get it
  4. You are doing it wrong u must come mal for anime list and not ap! ;(
  5. ah ok thanks a bunch ! :O
  6. Chill shit bro.
    452 they escape the prison and 4 episodes then are the crew whereabout episodes, how they are doing and etc. The safest bet would be 457. You get an insight into Ace's and Luffy's past and stuff.
  7. Hya man ! :P can you tell me the episodes from when the battle at that hmm execution grounds begin in one piece >?
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