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  1. Rofl, very true hahaha. We had it on there for a while and swore we were gonna make one too
  2. Haha no, I think the first place I saw it was memebase. xD

    I thought "Jesus Christ, this is Oister right here."
  3. LOL did you get that from my facebook?
  4. Did.. did you make this?

  5. Nah son. Durhamville softballlll :C
  6. It's the logo for the Detroit Tigers, tee hee heee heee pffftch bahahah tee lol rofl
  7. wuts that D for? I used to play for a softball team and that was totally our logo. yeeee.
  8. LOL hahahaha I have two scooters too. I should give it a try hahahaha
  9. Watch 0: 32. Soooo reminds me of you.
  10. I can't even begin to imagine that. I choked it down, literally lol.
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