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  1. I have a family friend who eats onions like apples. I could never.
  2. i bit a raw onion last night. it was horrible.
  3. How about bobby boxhead? He can be a villian.

    Redraw as needed. I don't have a fancy tablet.
  4. Lol I love this comic now. I've saved one for each holiday, since he always makes one for holidays :] I just need a birthday one and I've got everything covered.
  5. Lawl nevermind, it was in the Harry Potter thread
  6. Lmaoooo, that's awesome. xD

    The one you posted in YLUL where he calls the chick Voldemort reminded me of myself too.. rofl
  7. Dare Master. It reminded me of you lols.

  8. Nuuuu it's New Vegas.

    i sry broduski
  9. Dat sum killzone in your avatar? u got dat ps tripple!?
  10. Rofffffl, I'm pretty sure I still have that message saved. xD
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