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  1. People were upping it for science to see what the different classification things were. I think I'm a holy beacon of light now or something lol.
  2. Oh hai.
  3. Maybe they're just forcing him to translate the comics.

    "Bleek blork bloop"
  4. Dood I think I know why.


    ATTENTION! Things are happening! NYCC was great, thanks for coming out to see me! But now, I will have to put a hold on new comics while I move and get situated in a new place of residence/work. The longest this little hiatus might take is 2 weeks, if less.

    See you then! Thanks for reading.
  5. Lol your signature. Yesssssssssss.
  6. I might be too unless you start to play this pokemon game D:
  7. Lols I read some of your posts. Seems like you had some drinky drinky, but I guess it was just a lack of sleep.

    I'm pissed I missed it >
  8. Sorry bro D: I was sleepin' and my phone isn't enough to wake me up :C

    I'll me on MSN throughout the day and check in for ya.
  9. Lorci is turns out drinking from a funnel or "beer b0ng" is most efective for our time trials.

    You neeeeeeeeeeed to be on MSN. I got my new hookah stuff and I wanna set up a stickam room so you can watch me open it and smokah-da-hookah!
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