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  1. Ohai there miste- holy balls you have a lot of rep.
  2. Oh hai.
  3. Get yer 360 back.
  4. Maybe they're just forcing him to translate the comics.

    "Bleek blork bloop"
  5. PFFFFFT you believed that?

    Clearly he's been abducted by aliens.
  6. Dood I think I know why.


    ATTENTION! Things are happening! NYCC was great, thanks for coming out to see me! But now, I will have to put a hold on new comics while I move and get situated in a new place of residence/work. The longest this little hiatus might take is 2 weeks, if less.

    See you then! Thanks for reading.
  7. Been almost a week with no gunshow. :c
  8. Lol your signature. Yesssssssssss.
  9. I might be too unless you start to play this pokemon game D:
  10. Jephy, Groteske is mad at me.
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