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  1. Loric is crazy! But there are much worse games out there than Dead Space 2! Even if the whole thing is as scary as week-old milk.
  2. I actually really, really liked Dead Space 2. The game play works very well and the story was given a lot more attention than I expected it to, but so much of it tries to make me groan in anguish at just how terrible it is. And it didn't do nearly enough with Clark's dead squeeze for me to overlook that squick-tastic eyeball machine.
  3. There are always birthday furries!

  4. Happy birthday Loric!
  5. Hehe. Good thinking. 8P
  6. Ah. Bacn sees. Well I'm sure nobody else will have one as good as yours!

    Well, except Cingal, but I'm pretty sure he's hooked his brain directly into Furaffinity's database by now.
  7. Loric? Using a furry avatar? Bacn didn't see that one coming.
  8. Well don't tell anyone else. We can't let it fall into the wrong hands...

    I mean..

    I'll be sure to let him know.
  10. Well if if you see him, tell him I have a new spoon for him to use.

    It's made out of kittens and chibi.
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