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  1. Loric is awesome.
    He's so handsome and funny.
    Just kidding you suck.
  2. TheSkald is a tool.
    Always acting like a fool.
    I hate him so much.

    A haiku by Loric.
  3. NuThIn MUcH g JuST stRaigHt CHIllin yO thaT bE My StEE Lo
  4. ThEsKaLd WhAt Is Up My BrOdUsKi
  5. Knock knock.
  6. Thanks .
  7. So that snake video... Pretty, uh. Pretty new, there, Loric. Pretty new video, that.
  8. That hurt Loric. That hurt me deep.
  9. I posted that Bootleg Fireworks video a few months ago.

    Tell me. Are you always late to parties in real life, too?
  10. Loric stop being difficult.

    Knock knock.
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