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  1. haha no sweat. I'll join you from time to time.
  2. well the serenity rp on this forum sorta died... sorry DX but I've got a chatplay going on MSN, my address is on my profile and we meet around 3-4 EST pretty much every day, hope you join!
  3. Well i was thinking gunsmith because the my chracter is a run away from the Alliance. Even though educated he's more in need of practical skills to survive.I mean your the boss if you insist on scientist i wont argue but just saying. So when do i start?
  4. ok well but only because your name is SPACE ;D
    no, I'm kidding, that sounds good, but a few things: the independent's bases were all destroyed by the alliance, they would be going to a backwater planet, if you were from a noble planet though you might consider being a scientist since wealthy children are very well educated
  5. well i was thinking in the lines of when you make a landing at Hq and get your compression coils i would join your crew as a gunsmith that recently joined the Independents and was once from a noble family in the alliance. I just wanted to ask since your rp was so well done if possible be a part of it. I am not a "awesome rper" per say but i'll try my best if you'll have me
  6. sorry, it's a bit late, all the roles are filled, but if you can come up with a reason why you weren't there to begin with for your character, a really good character, and a role to fill, you probably could convince me ^_^
  7. Hey is it possible to join the serenity rp? at this late in the game?
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