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  1. So I can run Borderlands on all low but wow is it ugly! The camera scroll speed is also way too fast for my tastes. I think I get lag too on all low because my shots are responsive enough lame.
  2. Sorry, I'm so sleepy lately. It's odd. o.O
  3. pretty much
  4. omg..that leaves your sis to pay everything?
  5. what you failed or were borderline something last year? :O
  6. hallo. Since i'm back in school, i has way less comp time D= gotta do better this year, like way better. I gotta get A's and B's. So, i prob won't be on a lot during the weekdays, except Friday and i'll be on the weekends.
  7. bonjur dude
  8. Try to get on your laptop, i wana play DDO with ya
  9. I think you can get it off of fileplanet, and theres a password on your laptop now? Tell your mom to tell your bro to give you the password, and if he lied about the password, just badger your mom. Be annoying, and they WILL give in.
  10. Theres a password when you turn it on (its either a bios password or someone put it there, guessing my brother put it there) yeah I can't get to the desktop w\o the password and I wish I had a vista disk to reformat it but I don't so crap. So DDO, if I sign up for it will I be in CB or did they send the invites out already and I missed my chance?
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