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  1. over 9000 hours in paint.
  2. Dude whars your avatar
  3. |) 4 |\| = 1337
  4. Ding fries ar done
  5. Lol Thriller Cat
  6. Lol the Office.
  7. Murry Christmes. I got call of duty:WaW, madden 09, and mario cart wii, along with a kick-*** chair to play them in.
  8. My Chreesmas presents- Since you're not on Steam.

    Bought TTYD and Wind Waker

    Got Bioshock for PC, and No More Heroes and Animal Crossin for the Wii.
    And the entire Adobe Cs3 series.

    I love my lawyer grandmother and my government granddad so much.
  9. I'm renting TTYD today =3
  10. Oh, Daniel.
    Now I have to go and get a Paper Mario avatar.
    *Ruffles through Google
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