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  1. yeah, doesnt work well half the time. but i have one.
  2. oh sweet, i have both l4d2 and TF2 =3, got a mic?
  3. ah, i would play those, but i got an issue with my comp.

    there is alien swarm, crossfire that can work well. crossfire should be no problem but alien swarm, ill have to get it another go and see if itll play right.

    i got some retail as well, but the ones that i do play is l4d2 and TF2.
  4. SUN? I was looking at more like retail games without the purchase if you know what I mean
  5. hmm well im gonna jump on SUN to see how it is now. ill most likely need a group.
  6. any game you want man, im up for almost anything! xD
  7. yo, if you want some co-op ill take a pick.

    name some games.
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