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  1. Very welcome, Mister!
  2. Thank you deary :]
  3. GIRL! <3
  4. Girl or boy fuzz? D:
  5. Lol >_<
  6.'re so strange. xD
  7. HAY. I don't remember why your profile is opened in my tab. I most likely saw something you posted and lol'd at it, but now that I am here I don't remember what it was. Or, I could have opened it on accident.

    And now I'm rambling on about a bunch of nothing just for the sake of posting something while I'm here, so you don't look in your "recent visitors" and see me and think I'm like the rest of onrpg...a stalker.

    Rofl. Too much caffeine.
  8. Haha, I sent you a message, but your not replying. Your status is "n/a" whatever that means.
  9. I feel awesome now. I'll try to focus on hopping to MSN more often, but I often overshadow it with more important things. Anywhooo. I'm on now.
  10. Lol no I'm not kidding. I haven't been waiting around for 4 months, but I've had you on my list. I did some spring cleaning of my list today and saw ya on there.
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