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  1. Hahahaha, lol. Sounds like an attractive offer! xD
  2. it's okay, just catch me drunk one day online. or actually....hayyyyyyy someone's birthday is coming up (;
  3. Yeah I was hoping they'd win cause they really did play great. Freakin' Ghana...
  4. sighh....usa didn't win. oh wellll
  5. "You're too kind.
    If USA wins the world cup, there will be a special prize, boys. (;
    and that's a PROMISE. So pray that USA wins."

    !!!1111 It has been marked!
  6. Yea boot camp is hard.Back when i trained kickboxing we had really hard freakin trainings.I did more push ups and sit ups and what not then i ever did.
  7. lol no.

    but yeah i did enlist, not trying to get into a fight here, but if you're not in it, or if you didn't enlist i don't really think it's fair for you to have that up there. Probably a "I Support the Marine Corps" would be more appropriate? It makes it look like you endured the crazy 3 month boot camp and passed it when in reality you didn't. It's just a pride thing, ya know? That's why I don't have USMC stuff up because I didn't even graduated boot camp yet.
  8. Awww thanks.Nah,im not,but i got some friends in it.You really enlisted? :P
  9. Of course, did it for you. (;

    LOL, but nice marine corps picture, are you in the USMC? i enlisted.
  10. Nice cleavage <3
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